The Honey Alchemists

Ben Hooper, a 2nd generation apiarist and Danny Le Feuvre, with his strong background in agriculture, joined hives to form The Honey Alchemists.

Hooper and Le Feuvre’s extensive knowledge of bees and the science and technology surrounding plant genetics, physiology, meteorology and soil sciences provide the learnings to collect and produce the finest, most pure, Australian honey.

The Honey Alchemists passion for honey extends beyond their exclusive honey range. Hooper sits on the Honey Bee Advisory Board whilst Le Feuvre is chair of the SA Apiary Alliance, both recognised peak industry groups.  Hooper and Le Feuvre are strong spokesmen with the pair winning competitive scientific research grants to educate and improve different aspects of the industry as a whole.

This is The Honey Alchemist’s passion and commitment to the industry.


Our Bees

The Honey Alchemists understand the importance of the Apiarist’s hive. The finest and most natural honey produced depends largely on the health of the bees.

The Alchemist’s strain of honeybees come from a long lineage of bees, passed down through the Hooper family from generation to generation. The Alchemist’s bees are key to the potency of the honey in which they collect - their bees actively work to produce the purist of honey.

By applying their combined years of research and experience into apiary management and queen breeding, they ensure that their honeybees are treated with the utmost respect.

Our hives are cared for without any pesticides or miticides to control and maintain honeybee colonies. Bees are strictly cared for in pesticide free areas to ensure absolute integrity of the hive and the honey itself. Through Australia’s geographical isolation from pests and disease, Australian honey producers can afford not to use any chemical intervention in protecting their bee colonies from disease.

This is unique to Australian honey producers, the only country not affected by the Varroa mite which is causing Apiarists in all other countries to use pesticides in a heavy handed approach to protect their bee colonies.

During the cooler seasons the honeybees enjoy prolonged resting periods in a vast, protected conservation park of some 270,000 hectares. They have access to diverse natural flora, which is naturally high in proteins, essential for maintaining active, healthy honeybees.

By maintaining a healthy hive of honeybees, The Alchemist’s can be sure of honey quality – and a strong lineage of honeybees, which may be passed down to the next generation of Honey Alchemist’s.


Honey Farming

Our honey is 100% pure, collected in the time-honored way through simple extraction and straining practices. The straining techniques employed ensure the honey collected maintains its robust flavor, silky smooth texture and preserves the honeys own natural health qualities.

Extracting honey is The Honey Alchemists art. The timing of extraction is important to ensure the bees have correctly cured the honey and that honey moisture is set at the perfect level. This results in the finest and highest quality grade of honey without the need for high temperature heating or unnatural intervention. Honey is kept in its most pure and natural form.

The rich colouring of the honey, its smooth consistency and transparent appearance are unique to the Alchemist’s Honey range and reflective of its high grade, premium quality and is a sign of the products absolute purity.

Like turning stone into a precious metal, The Honey Alchemists turn the most pure nectar collected into liquid gold. This is through The Alchemists own learnings and enlightenment which has spanned generations, and what had driven them to create their own range of 100% pure honey products. 

Alchemy; /’alkimi/noun

‘the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.’

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