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The Honey Alchemist’s range of honey pays homage to the pristine environments in which their honey is harvested. The Honey Alchemists travel to the purest, cleanest and most spectacular wild landscapes of South Australia in sourcing their range of 100% pure honey.

Australia is recognised as the cleanest most pure environment for producing honey, with the climatic conditions of the region playing an important role in the quality of the honey itself.

The Honey Alchemists farm their honey in South Australia. The warm temperate environment is the ideal conditions to collect the highest grade of honey. The dry climate of South Australia means that honey collected has a low moisture content, without any intervention required to reduce moisture in the honey itself. This means you are getting a product in its most natural and pure state.

Honey from each region has its own stamp of authenticity in taste, texture, aroma and natural medicinal benefits – meaning no two lines of honey are the same. The same floral varieties of honey, sourced from different regions, will be distinctively different. With learnings from a generation of family Apiarists behind them, The Honey Alchemists have a vast knowledge of the very best, and most pristine environments in which to collect the most pure and distinctive of honey to ensure that the best taste, texture and most aromatic honey is collected.

Through generational learnings the Honey Alchemists have created a range of honey that is pure indulgence – maintaining distinctive taste, texture and floral aroma. These characteristics reflect the purity of the region in which the honey has been collected.

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